Martin Vicente - Rudimentally Speaking (Boek)

Beschikbaarheid: op voorraad in ons magazijn, meteen leverbaar, Omschrijving: Het boek is geschreven door de Argentijnse topdrummer Martin Vicente. Het boek is geschreven in zowel de Argent...

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Beschikbaarheid: op voorraad in ons magazijn, meteen leverbaar

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Het boek is geschreven door de Argentijnse topdrummer Martin Vicente. Het boek is geschreven in zowel de Argentijnse als Engelse taal (dus niet in het Nederlands) en is bedoeld voor slagwerkers van gemiddeld tot gevorderd niveau.

Het boek bestaat uit 3 delen, t.w. Preliminary Exercises (warming-up oefeningen en timing control), Rudimental Exercises (pittige technische oefeningen) en Rudimental Snare Drum Solos.

Dit boek is uitermate geschikt om de technische vaardigheden van iedere slagwerker verder te ontwikkelen.

Het doel van het boek volgens de auteur:

In my personal experience, many times I’ve found myself studying a rudimental snare drum solo, a piece of music, or a song, where generally there is a part or a passage which presents difficulties and it is hard to interpret. One way to figure it out consists in isolating the segment to solve it separately, generating techno-musical situations which allow us to overcome the obstacle. Not only has this resource motivated the development of many exercises in order to cope with my own necessities but also to cope with those of my students during my teaching career. After many years, I decided to compile this material, adding some other exercises which I consider important for the study of the rudimental Snare Drum, getting the book you have in your hands to take shape. Rudimentally Speaking, is aimed at intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students, because it requires a basic knowledge of rhythm reading; it can also be considered as supplement material for all those who are willing to progress in the study of the rudimental snare drum.

En lees hier meer over de auteur:

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and began his musical studies at the age of 15 with professors such as Gustavo López, Fernando Martínez, Tristán Taboada, Daniel Piazzolla, Oscar Giunta, Eduardo Casalla, John Wooton and Daniel Lamberti. He participated in several clinics and master classes and has shared stage and projects with important teachers of percussion. He has worked as a sessionist with musical groups, singers and in theater plays. He has also been on tour in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, The United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uruguay, and in several provinces of Argentina and the Atlantic Coast.

Auteur: Martin Vicente

Drager: boek

Format: lesboek

Druk: eerste druk

Taal: Engelstalig

Aantal blz: 92

Bindwijze: ringband

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